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Isabel Smith
Brand Manager
PuckerUp Pickles, Inc.
p: (817) 335-5494 ext. 112
f: (817) 534-7117
BOOTH #5050 at Best New Products Show
Image: pickles.jpg

PuckerUp Pickles Releases Single Barrel Pickles

Traditional Southern favorite, PuckerUp Pickles, reveals a brand new product line that puts a new spin on the company’s seasoned legacy. Four new unique, pioneer pickle flavors emphasize natural goodness and will retail for about $2.95 to $4.95.

Bloody Mary PuckerUps are freshly harvested, crisp cucumbers in a savory, peppered tomato brine.

Chipotle Lime PuckerUps are freshly harvested, crisp cucumbers in a roasted jalapeño brine with lime zest.

Garden Herb PuckerUps are freshly harvested, crisp cucumbers in a mixed vegetable brine with an aroma of herbs.

Garlic Baby PuckerUps are freshly harvested, crisp cucumbers in a zesty brine with chopped garlic & red pepper.

These single barrel pickles differ from the traditional pickle in their natural, fresh taste, combined with unique, high quality ingredients. The wholesome, fresh nature of this line is conveyed on the jar labels with their primary colors and traditional designs. The products will appeal to the consumer who’s shopping for an all-natural experience as well as those who buy for gourmet-quality taste.

Frank Ferment, president of PuckerUp Pickles, Inc. explains, “Our main goal in developing this new line was to bring fresh unique products to the pickle category. These four new flavors are made without artificial colors, artificial flavors, or high fructose corn syrup.”

Visit PuckerUp Pickles in booth #5050 at the Best New Products Show or visit after the show at www.PuckerUpPicklesandMore.com.