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By Carolyn Millard, Vice President of Sales, Our Company

Our Company and the Tablet Revolution

Education has seen its share of shifts in teaching pedagogy over the past three decades, but the iPad and tablet devices have started a revolution unseen since the introduction of personal computers in schools. Computers opened the door to technology in the classroom, which then spawned the migration of overhead projectors to digital projectors and document cameras, and of course the rise of the web and interactive instruction.
While tablets are able to consolidate virtually any education technology tool into the palm of a teacher’s hand, they open the door to a new way of curriculum delivery and how students interact with the curriculum. Teachers are able to reach each student individually, and foster whole class instruction simultaneously. It’s the tablets that are driving the new pedagogy.
While tablets are fast becoming the center point for tools that create and deliver curriculum, some elements cannot be achieved with them alone. Tablets require supporting solutions and apps to achieve their full potential, but also require maintenance, storage and security. This is where Our Company enters the picture.
Our Company’s WonderCam is a wireless streaming camera solution to push live video of physical content directly to an iPad, Android or Windows tablet. WonderCam keeps your tablet mobile while delivering live content combined with interactive lesson development tools and full lesson recording. The recorded lesson can be immediately uploaded to the cloud for student review, lessons for substitute teachers, or flipped for student content development.
Next is the new WonderCamSync, Our Company’s solution for syncing, charging, storing and securing tablets. Combining all elements needed to properly maintain and secure tablets in the classroom, Our Company has developed an all-in-one solution with a value that is unmatched by any other product.
Our Company has a dedicated history in supporting education through solutions that help teachers effectively create and deliver curriculum. As present and future revolutions in teaching pedagogy occur, Our Company will continue to lead innovation in education technology to promote, foster and maximize curriculum effectiveness.