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Across five decades Oser Communications Group has been a leader in trade show dailies, trade journals, and periodicals. Our diverse industry involvement includes computers, restaurants and foodservice, cooking, satellite, networking, broadcasting, wireless, and consumer electronics.

All Oser Communications Group publications are printed on high-quality, glossy paper by expert printers so that your message has the most powerful impact on your audience.

Bottom Line: Your Message + The Right Publication = Better Sales Results for YOU.

What Our Clients Say

  • “Oser Communications is one of a very select group that we publicize with. This is a superb team of professionals from sales to layout. We are a small company, this publication has an excellent readership as an industry standard, we know our advertisement is read and utilized. The follow-up concedes this. Thank you for the years of excellent service Oser Communications and Gourmet News Magazine.”

    Deborah Miller
    Premium Gold Flax Products

  • “We have worked with them on many publications for many trade shows. We have always received what we paid for and were promised. They help us get the word out on our new products to our business “

    Patrick Ford

  • “Gourmet News has really enhanced the products we offer in our shop. I really enjoy it. We find a lot of good stuff there. It’s a great resource and a great tool.”

    Dobi Raskin
    Benzs Food Products

  • “Mom’s Originals has received several calls from our ad. Great response, we are very happy!”

    Taran Hensley, President
    Moms Originals

  • “We are very happy with the response we’ve received from GOURMET NEWS.”

    Mick Whitlock, Owner
    Vanns Spice

  • “We have been getting much positive feedback from our placements in your fine magazine.”

    Sean, Busha Browne
    Busha Browne

  • “Graphic Artist Vicky Glover displayed an extraordinary amount of expertise and patience in working with me in putting my ad together.”

    Gaming International, Inc.

  • “My experience with Gourmet News has been very positive. I’ve worked with good people who are working tirelessly to put out a consistently great gourmet food news magazine to the trade.”

    John DeRisi

  • “Great Company with great Reps.”

    Ryan Brovont

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    Your Advertising Dollar

    With more than 50 years of experience in producing quality trade publications across a wide spectrum of industries, Oser Communications Group has the experience, assets, and integrity you can count on.

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