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A Sample Interview Submission

  • Interview Subject: Nick S., President, Sample Company
  • www.ourcompany.com
  • Booth # XXXX at SEMA
  • Run with logo.hi-res.pdf


Q: Tell me about Sample Company and what you’re bringing to SEMA this year.

A: We represent a diagnostic tool designed and manufactured in Italy by Another Company. This diagnostic tool is a dealer-level tool designed to diagnose the complete car such as, engine, transmission, ABS, suspension and allows for coding and adaptation of control units. This offers independent workshops around the world a dealer-level diagnostic tool for their day-to day business to repair high-line exotic cars.

This year at SEMA, we are introducing new software. This opens up another choice for independent workshops. Sample Company also offers technical support, with an in house staff of engineers who can log into the system in real time, if it is necessary to help the workshop that’s actually working on the car.


Q: What can you tell me about the costs involved?

A: Well, the most important thing is that we’re not necessarily talking about a whole bunch of cash up front. We offer terms up to XX months on these products with approved credit, which allows purchase of these tools on a monthly payment plan. You can also buy the software in stages, adding software bundles for specific product lines as you need them. For instance, if you get the initial hardware and the software, but then later, you’d like to add another module to expand your business, you can do that. You don’t have to buy all of it at one time. Our price point is substantially less than that of our competition, and we still offer tech support and updates.


Q: It sounds like this product almost sells itself. Is that the case?

A: This product does sell itself once people know about it. In the high-end automotive market, this has become standard of the industry for independent workshops. On the German side, this is something that’s new for us, but we’re confident that we offer a better value than our competitors, so once people here at SEMA take a look, they’re going to be impressed.


Q: What’s coming up for you a little farther down the road?

A: Coming up in the future, we plan to offer performance tuning software, but right now we’re actively looking for regional distributors.


This Sample Interview was adapted from an article that was originally published in Aftermarket Daily News, a publication of Oser Communications Group, which is not affiliated with SEMA or any other organization.