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Six Trade Show Booth Ideas to Make Sure Your Booth Stands Out

July 25, 2022

You can participate in effective trade show advertising through these excellent trade show booth ideas. Make your trade show event a success by intriguing customers in your product or business, standing apart from other booths, and offering something people will remember with positive feelings.

1. Draw Potential Customers with Bright Colors.

One of the best trade show booth ideas is making it fun, fabulous, and eye-catching. You can do this by:

  • Having more high-quality pictures than words, using what little words you have to deliver a specific message.
  • Using bright and fun colors, but beware of a color scheme that clashes or is “too busy” to be enjoyable. A helpful method is to have a primary, secondary, and accent color that seems fitting to put them together and flows well.
  • Placing a small rug to bring people to your booth.

2. Craft Your Booth to be Exciting and Approachable.

You want your booth to stand out on the trade show floor and people to feel comfortable enough to come to see what it is all about. Ways to do this are:

  • Having a friendly greeter
  • Having someone operate the booth at all times
  • Not blocking access to the booth with chairs

3. Avoid Clutter with Some Necessary Whitespace.

A blank or empty booth is not going to show what product you are advertising nor convey who your brand is. On the other hand, a booth filled with papers, objects, pens, and everything else can be an eye-sore and way too cluttered for people to interact with.

One of the best trade show booth ideas is to find a happy medium and strategically use whitespace.

4. Work in the Intended Emotion for Your Customers.

Your trade show booth design should work with an emotion in mind, so what feeling do you want to convey through your booth? Use sight, smell, taste, and touch to center an emotion.

5. Make Simple and Clear Instructions for Interaction.

Unclear instructions or confusing ones are a sure way to draw people away from your booth, which is the opposite of your goal. Visually-appealing signs or posters with a clear message can help maximize interactions.

6. Offer Free Samples for Guests.

Everyone loves free samples, and many people will visit booths and events or engage in activities to get a prize after. It may sound insignificant, but having trinkets with your branding and social media handles on them is a fun way to interact. You might be surprised at the number of booth visitors you get!

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