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Do Flyers Still Work for Trade Shows?

September 30, 2022

Many business owners are forsaking traditional advertising methods in an increasingly digitized world. Since digital marketing and ads on social media comprise the majority of marketing efforts these days, many wonder, “Do flyers still work?”

Whether you’re hoping to improve your advertising in trade shows or conduct mass marketing efforts in your area, data suggests that an effective flyer still has merit. Learn how flyers might be an ideal advertising strategy for your business.

What Is a Flyer?

You may not realize that there are different types of flyers. Some flyers are more effective for particular environments, like trade shows.

Door drops: These flyers don’t target a person or household. Instead, they are mass-produced, eye-catching pieces that quickly inform potential customers about the business. 

Addressed mail: Addressed mail flyers feel more individualized since they target a specific individual. These flyers might contain more extensive information about products or services.

Handouts: Handouts are the flyer you might expect to see at a trade show. A good handout is a piece of paper usually designed with bold colors and the most information possible. 

Are Flyers Worth It? Statistics and Data

Despite understanding different flyers, you still might question, “Do flyers still work?” According to data from the Data and Marketing Association, leaflets still successfully reach their target audience. Check out the data below detailing the success of addressed mail and door drop flyers.

Addressed Mail:

  • 57% of people open flyers immediately when they arrive at their home
  • 8% of people open or read leaflets within 28 days
  • 5% read or look at it thoroughly, while 23% will do so within 28 days
  • On average, potential customers revisit flyers six times

Door Drops:

  • 5% of potential customers read a door drop the moment they receive it
  • 16% set these flyers aside to read later

This data seems surprising since many expect social media to have the best results. However, short attention spans and frustration with targeted marketing might deter people from engaging with social media and online ads. However, social media is still an essential part of effective marketing.

Who Can Use Flyers?

Any business can benefit from using flyers, especially at trade shows filled with potential customers. Hairdressers, coffee shops, retail stores, landscapers, and virtually any other company can benefit from using flyers.

Benefits of Using Flyers

While it’s clear that data supports the efficacy of flyers, what are some of their other benefits? First, flyers are one of the cheaper forms of marketing since they only require printing.

Beyond price, though, flyers have other considerable benefits. Adding a QR code or URL can help bridge the gap between digital and paper marketing. Furthermore, coupons and other promotions can increase first-time customers and make flyers more attractive at events like trade shows.

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