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11 Most Popular Trade Show Freebies

September 30, 2022

With the advent of social media and the internet, developing savvy marketing strategies for your business has never been urgent. However, the traditional methods still have merit. Trade shows present an excellent opportunity to connect with potential customers.

While a flyer might serve as effective trade show advertising, getting potential customers excited is about more than just information. Trade show freebies provide one of the best ways to bring customers to you and help them remember your business. Knowing the best handouts and strategies can help you leverage this advertising tool.

Strategies for Generating Traffic with Freebies

While you might think that handing out free merchandise is enough to attract new customers, there is more nuance to a well-executed trade show giveaway. Differentiate what you hand out to get trade show attendees excited about a surprise. You can also pepper in a more expensive promotional item to provide a sense of allure.

Furthermore, include promotions like coupons and discounts to keep potential customers engaged after the trade show. With these strategies, other trade show booths will wonder why everyone flocks to your area.

The 11 Most Popular Trade Show Freebies

Here are the 11 most popular trade show giveaways to help you attract new customers.

  • Pencils and pens: As some of the most traditional giveaway items at trade shows, pencils and pens are staples for any booth. Potential customers can use these items daily, giving your brand plenty of attention.
  • Hand sanitizers/breath mints/lip balm: In our health-conscious world, these personal care products are a win at any trade show.
  • Stress ball: Who doesn’t love to squeeze a stress ball when the day isn’t going well? Handing out stress balls is one of the best and cheapest freebies you can provide at a trade show.
  • Higher-cost or tech items like portable chargers: High-tech giveaways like portable chargers and USB bricks are homerun trade show giveaway products. 
  • Reusable water bottle: With increasing environmental concerns, reusable water bottles are popular with trade show attendees and demonstrate corporate social responsibility.
  • Reusable straws: In the same vein as reusable water bottles, reusable straws are another sustainable giveaway item. Give them away with the water bottles for a complete package.
  • Luggage tags: Potential customers will never forget your business with these stylish and valuable freebies. For travel-related companies, these giveaways are especially a hit.
  • Sunglasses or hats: Potential customers preferring a more stylish freebie will love trendy sunglasses or hats from your business.
  • Tote bags: Perfect for grocery shopping or everyday use, these giveaways are highly practical for patrons.
  • Coffee mugs: No one will forget your company while drinking out of their new coffee mug.
  • Mobile phone credit card holder: Credit card holders for mobile phones are particularly popular with younger people.

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