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How to Qualify Leads at a Trade Show

May 30, 2023

Your trade show presence is your time to shine, showing off your product or service to potentially interested parties. One of the main goals during these events is to find and secure marketing-qualified leads. You want to weed out people who aren’t interested and find those that would be a good fit for further follow-up.

Oser Communications Group has been offering trade show advertising services for over 50 years. We know how to qualify leads in a way that doesn’t waste your or your prospect’s time. Our methods allow efficient work and positive experiences to permeate your future marketing endeavors; learn more by calling 520-721-1300.

Know the Information You Need to Get

You can sum up most of the qualifying steps from Exhibitor’s experts into a single phrase: know your target. Knowing your target means recognizing who your target audience is and what information you need from them. 

Your sales team can be instrumental in defining the needed information based on previous experiences. For example, did they have information on previous leads that ended up not being very relevant? Were they missing key information or pain points that would attract the potential customer to the product or service?

Even a previous failure could help you achieve future success. 

Highlight the Qualifiers

Identify the traits you want the most from your prospects to streamline the lead qualification process. For example, a person selling hair care products would likely qualify a hair salon or supply store owner.

Review previous data to find traits about your most frequent clients and evaluate who you want to attract. Then, you can highlight the different people for your sales and advertising team so they can utilize their skills more efficiently. They can focus on the select people meeting business requirements instead of casting a wide net to draw in everyone. 

Train Your Staff

Speaking and relating with people from different walks of life is both a talent and a skill. Some people know how to do it automatically, while others need help. At the same time, those that don’t speak as well may keep their information much more organized than the conversationalists.

To get the best of both worlds and keep the booth process cohesive, train your staff on how to qualify leads. Even if they think they already know what to do, training can help update how they present what you offer. This process also allows your staff to stay up-to-date on any new booth technology you plan to use.

Remember to Practice

A large part of lead generation includes marketing qualified leads with organic conversation and relations. While you don’t want a cookie-cutter presentation that feels robotic, practice helps your staff get familiar with the program. If they know how the program and technology are supposed to work, they can improvise more during conversations.

Call Us When You Need Help Qualifying Leads

Oser Communications Group publishes top-quality sales information, from collecting leads at trade shows to how to advertise your upcoming events. Want more help learning how to qualify leads for your business? Call us at (520) 721–1300 for additional information.

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