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How to Hire Event Staff for Your Trade Show

May 30, 2023

When participating in a trade show, you generally want people with experience with the company at the booth. However, if you’re a startup or don’t have enough hands on deck, you can rely on temporary event staff to help promote your product or service.

Many businesses wonder how to hire event staff and what to look for in such workers. At Oser Communications Group, we offer more than top-quality trade show advertising services, helping companies present their best selves in many ways. Read more or call (520) 721-1300 to understand what to look for in temporary staff members and how the process works.

#1 Know Which Positions You Want to Fill

As with any job, you need to know the title and duties you want your temporary member to have. Doing so can help you look for people with specific skill sets to suit each position.

For example, a greeter should have amicable politeness as they ask visitors questions to help pre-qualify them for future lead generation. Meanwhile, you would need a person with a commanding presence, detailed company knowledge, and a leadership attitude for the spokesperson.

#2 Ask the Staffing Company Important Questions

The hiring process could muddy your organization and timetable while planning an event, so you may use a hiring company. However, you shouldn’t work with just any staffing agency, as it could lead to problems.

Instead, research the staffing company and find out pertinent information, such as:

  • What is their hiring process?
  • What types of events do they staff?
  • How have other companies reviewed the staff they’ve provided?

#3 Look for the Right Traits in the Right People

To have a successful event, you need qualified and dutiful staff members. While searching “how to hire event staff,” some companies think they pick a person and move forward. Even if you don’t do the initial screening, remember that you need to complete interviews.

You don’t have to do the same detailed work for event staff as you would for full-time employees. Still, you should understand their experience and character to ensure they fit the position. Even if they don’t suit one job, they may work well in another, which you can determine during the interview.

#4 Don’t Forget to Train Your Staff

One of the most common reasons temporary staff fail during a planned event is poor training. When you hire temporary staff, while they may have experience, they need to know what you want from them. 

Take the time to educate them about the company, tell them about frequent questions they may receive, and more. If they have good information from you, they can utilize it and show you their expertise. With the training and their efforts combined, you can feel confident in having a successful event.

Have More Trade Show Questions?

At Oser Communications Group, we have accumulated over 50 years of event participation and planning knowledge to give to other companies. We can help with anything, from preparing for a trade show to finding the best booth layout. Call (520) 721–1300 for more details on how to hire event staff and other event questions today.

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