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Should You Serve Food to Your Trade Show Attendees?

March 30, 2023

While food is a great way to enhance the trade show experience for your potential clients, it also comes with its share of challenges. Before planning your next event, learn the best practices for serving food to trade show attendees and whether or not you should commit to the investment. 

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#1: Consult with Trade Show Organizers

Before deciding to incorporate food into your trade show repertoire, speak with an event organizer about the venue’s specific food policies. Larger venues like city convention centers may have pre-existing contracts with local catering companies and will expect you to follow specific guidelines regarding food service. Ask if any fees exist and what kind of food they will allow into the building.

Depending on their guidelines, you might find food service more trouble than it’s worth. On the other hand, catering managers often make planning convenient for you by providing high-quality food services at a discounted rate. 

#2: Brand Your Food Items

Offering food at trade shows creates an inviting environment that will likely increase foot traffic to your exhibit. This allows countless opportunities to promote your business and increase your brand awareness among prospective clients. Take advantage by branding your food items with company logos, stickers, QR codes–anything to make your packaging as attractive as possible. 

Memorable branding helps you stand out from the crowd and form lasting impressions with your trade show attendees long after the event has finished.  

#3: Serve Tasty Food

Food quality represents your company. Only serve food you have sampled previously, and always consider the presentation of your offerings. Avoid messy food items, such as ice cream, that can easily melt or require additional accommodations to store properly.

To avoid potential health liabilities, some venues may have restrictions on the food you bring in. Prepare food fresh, with a list of ingredients handy to account for possible food allergies. Coordinate with event organizers and catering managers to ensure you have everything to keep your food fresh and safe to serve to guests. 

#4: Plan to Bring Litter Receptacles

How well you maintain your event space reflects on your company. This makes cleaning up after your guests especially important, as trade show floors can quickly accumulate discarded plates, cups, and leftover trash. Plan to incorporate additional booth staff while attending your event so you can delegate tasks among your associates and focus on marketing your company and engaging with trade show attendees.

Want to Boost Your Trade Show Experience?

Depending on if the trade show space allows food and if you can come up with a fresh, mess-free menu, food can be a great option to stand out at your next event. 

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