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Engaging with Trade Show Attendees: Four Useful Tips

December 30, 2022

Running a booth at a trade show can seem like a daunting task. You’re competing with many other vendors for potential customer attention to show off your goods and services. However, getting a good return on investment (ROI) from trade show exhibits can be incredibly simple with the right attitude.

Many planners rely on trade show advertising with Oser Communications Group, but we also give exhibit advice when needed. You can use our tips to engage with trade show attendees and attract new customers and clients.

#1. Use Technology to Your Advantage

Technology has advanced significantly in the past ten years and continues to grow, allowing for new and engaging experiences. Some options do not take much to implement, like touchscreen displays, and you can even include virtual or augmented reality tools, like Google Cardboard or Oculus VR, to boost activity.

Whatever technology you incorporate should match the message of your brand. For example, you might not want to use VR for a nature-related brand. Try to avoid the gimmicks but be creative while deciding how to use technology for marketing.

#2. Recognize the Power of Art

We already see the results a good visual can provide with modern ad marketing materials. Art boosts your presence on the trade show floor, from the color schemes to the logos and displays. High-quality art attracts trade show attendees whether you use high-tech materials or a hands-on method. 

A few examples include selfie walls, animated videos, and digital signage. With a sizable budget, you can also give holographic art a shot, merging art and tech for some excitement.

#3. Try Playing Games with Attendees

No matter how old you get, there’s nothing like a good game. You can promote excitement in your product demos with bingo cards, quizzes, spin the wheel, and more. Then, if they win the games, you can reward them with special prizes!

The attendees have positive experiences with your brand, and you can give them practical samples of your product. These options can make your trade show display more memorable and increase the likelihood you’ll hear from them again.

#4. Remember That Attendees Are Human

While technology, prizes, and everything else can excite trade show attendees, they eventually tire out. You can swoop in and build positive associations with your brand when they tire out after all that walking.

Consider having a seating area or charging booth near your display. You can also hand out free snacks and drinks, especially if your brand is in the food industry. Visitors may gain enough interest to ask about your presentation without hard-sell methods.

Want to Boost Your Trade Show Experience?

Collecting leads at trade shows becomes much easier when you have the most applicable knowledge and tools. Oser Communications Group has spent over six decades building the skills to show you how to attract trade show attendees. Call (520) 721-1300 today or visit our other blogs for top-quality trade show advertising and advice.

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