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2023 Trade Show Trends To Incorporate into Your Event

July 30, 2023

No matter your business’s niche, participating in trade shows can be invaluable in reaching potential customers and vendors to grow your enterprise. However, you could fail to make an impression if you aren’t on top of the trade show trends during these exhibitions. Trade shows evolve, so it is always a good idea to stand out by staying abreast of what’s working for your industry right now.

As a leading provider of trade show advertising services, Oser Communications Group has more than five decades of experience in cultivating the perfect marketing strategy to accommodate our clients’ business goals. Why not reach out to us for your next big industry event after reviewing these 2023 trends?

Invest in Technology

One of the most prominent trends on the trade show scene this year will be leveraging advanced technology to create memorable immersive experiences. Experimental showcases give exhibitors and attendees new experiences that activate the senses to make an impression. For example, technology like virtual reality and augmented reality video displays can connect with audiences in a new way and create unique experiences. 

Networking will also be substantially easier when people actively participate in your trade show exhibition with immersive technology that other companies might overlook.

Consider Hybrid Events

It’s no secret that the trade show industry worldwide took a hit during the COVID-19 pandemic, with fewer events and even fewer attendees. Though show organizers have reinstated live trade shows, numbers are still sluggish.

Some businesses are getting around this problem by preserving their business’s relevancy and creating hybrid events that mix live shows with virtual attendance. With this trend, you can get your company back onto the trade show scene to engage with attendees in person while taking full advantage of social media to maximize your brand’s reach.

Choose Quality Over Quantity

Since the attendance numbers for live events are still recovering, focusing on presenting at the right trade shows beats attending all events. Choose a small number of quality leads. That way, you don’t have to worry about a massive exhibition for a trade show that might waste your time

Embrace Sustainability

Sustainability is another top trend for trade shows this year, which is fueling virtual events. With virtual shows, people don’t have to travel, saving fuel consumption for transportation and reducing their carbon footprint. Organizers also waste fewer materials for those guests who don’t show up. 

Online events are far more environmentally friendly than typical in-person trade shows. However, other ways to embrace sustainability for your company’s trade show event include turning to recycled plastics, natural materials, and other sustainable items. Swap printed brochures for digital copies to reduce paper waste, and you might have a winning formula.

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