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Writing a Trade Show Follow-Up Email: Three Tips

August 30, 2023

Following up with your audience after a trade show is a fantastic way to network with potential clients while your brand is still fresh in their minds. It also gives you a chance to obtain important information to incorporate into your next show for even better results. Still, creating a top-notch trade show follow-up email isn’t always easy. 

Don’t worry; Oser Communications Group has put together this short guide so that anyone can write a first-class follow-up email. If you need an experienced trade show advertising and publications crew, be sure to give Oser Communications Group a call.

Three Tips for Writing a Trade Show Follow-Up Email

Why master an elegant and engaging trade show follow-up email? Firstly, it can help your company secure potential leads while making a terrific impression on new clients. It also presents your organization in a positive light and makes people feel appreciated.

If you’re trying to build trust so potential customers will purchase your products or services, getting these emails right is crucial. So, here are three tips for a fantastic trade show follow-up email:

#1 Personalize Emails To Heighten The Experience

Personalizing follow-up emails makes clients feel like you care about their experience and don’t just send generic, low-effort emails to every trade show attendee. Sometimes, just adding a name to the subject line and information about the event they attended can drastically affect the response rate.

#2 Never Send the Follow-Up Email Too Early If You Want to Stand Out

Nailing the email timing is essential for follow-up messages that hit the mark. Sending a follow-up email too early can make it feel like an unimportant automatic email. It also increases the chances of the email getting lost among messages from other companies that attend the same event. 

Stick to the following for more effective emails:

  • Never send emails on a weekend.
  • Wait two days before sending a follow-up message.
  • Don’t send the email late at night or more than two weeks after the event.

#3 Always Include a Call-to-Action (CTA) So People Know How To Respond

A call-to-action is a short sentence at the end of an email. It encourages the reader to perform a task, such as “Give us a call” or “Reach out for more information.” Hopefully, your email’s CTA will push potential customers to contact your company and utilize your services or products. 

However, even if they don’t purchase from you, a well-crafted CTA may increase the email’s response rate, generate more leads, or provide ideas for how to connect better with potential customers.

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