best booth location at a trade show

Where Is the Best Booth Location at a Trade Show?

October 30, 2022

Every business benefits from participating in community expos, trade shows, or industry-specific events. Choosing a strategic booth location at a trade show gives you the best chance to engage with potential customers and teach them about your products or services.

Check out these professional tips for picking the best booth location at a trade show from Tucson’s reliable trade show advertising company

Reserve Your Booth Early

Popular trade shows quickly fill with previous vendors and newly interested businesses, many of which may include your competitors. Reserving your booth as soon as possible gives you a better chance at snagging a desirable booth location.

Some events offer early bird specials on booth spaces. Other events only allow a few vendors to sell the same services or products. In any case, take the first chance to beat your competitors to the punch.

Be Wary of the Entrance

You may feel tempted to choose a spot directly in front of or next to the entrance. This booth space may put you at the forefront of the exhibition hall. However, the entrance often becomes congested as visitors flood in.

Most potential customers will want to get away from the crowd. As they move away from the entrance, they’ll easily overlook your booth because of your location.

Neighbor a Major Brand or Sponsor

When choosing the best booth location at a trade show, consider the major brands sponsoring or attending the event. These brands often guarantee heavy foot traffic since they’ll attract many potential customers to your area, allowing you to engage with them. Settling in next door lets you take advantage of these brands’ clout.

Choose a Corner or Intersection

Corners and intersections offer prime locations where customers may find you while traveling from multiple directions. Besides routing visitors through the aisles, corners or intersections serve as places for visitors to catch their breath. Potential clients may then wander into nearby booths to get out of traffic.

The more your booth space integrates with traffic flow, the higher the chance a weary guest will visit you to escape the crowd.

Land a Booth Close to Refreshment Spots

Trade show exhibits often last for hours, attracting attendees with a high interest in engaging with businesses in your industry. These extended hours often produce hungry, tired guests needing refreshments and restrooms.

Placing yourself close to these areas allows these newly refreshed attendees the opportunity to visit you, increasing their engagement and interest.

Boost Your Trade Show Booth with Beautiful, Eye-Catching Advertising

Even with the best booth location at a trade show, you need a way to follow your visitors home. You want them to keep you top of mind when they need services or products from your industry. Call Oser Communications Group at (520) 721-1300 to learn more about trade show publications designed and printed by experienced professionals.

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