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Trade Show Booth Displays Color: Short Guide

October 30, 2022

Setting up at a trade show or expo event puts you in direct competition with hundreds or thousands of other vendors also seeking attention. Using the right trade show booth displays color helps you stand out and attract customers, especially if your color choices match your brand.

Help customers find you and pique their interest with these tips for trade show display color schemes and effective trade show advertising.

Tips for Trade Show Display Colors

Consider these pointers when choosing which colors to use in your trade show booth design.

Choose Brand Colors

You may be tempted to use eye-catching color schemes to attract attention, but straying too far from your brand colors makes it harder for customers to recognize you in a crowd. Instead, focus on your brand’s brightest or most unusual colors as background displays and accents for your booth.

Cater to Your Audience

Marketing to your trade show’s audience may mean choosing different color schemes. While you should stay true to your brand’s colors, consider the people coming to your event and your event’s location when designing your display. For example, choosing to incorporate colors of an opposing sports team for your area may inspire dislike in customers during that sport’s season.

Consider More Than Your Table

While choosing the right colors for your table and its display, consider the area surrounding the trade show booths. Should you install a floor beneath your booth, hang a backdrop, or use colored lights to brighten up your booth? Hire an interior or graphic designer to help you land on a stunning trade show booth displays color.

Trade Show Booths Color Choices

Putting colors together for your trade show booth requires special attention to the color wheel. Colors that fight for attention can create a confusing atmosphere in your booth that puts off potential customers. Consider pairing colors that work well together for your booth.

Booth colors can inspire certain feelings and associations in customers, including:

  • Red: Attention-getting, inspires a sense of urgency
  • Orange: Energetic and playful, associated with modern industries
  • Yellow: Positive and eye-catching, best used as an accent or background color
  • Green: Cool and calming, associated with economy, ecology, and health
  • Purple: Sophisticated and high-end, known as the color of royalty
  • Blue: Trustworthy and soothing, simple but easy on the eyes
  • Brown: Understated and humble, ideal for eco-friendly businesses
  • Black: Classic and bold, safe for any business
  • White: Minimalist and clean, associated with high value and purity

Make the Best Use of Your Colors in Your Trade Show Publications

While your trade show booth displays color helps you stand out on the show floor, follow your customers home with similarly colored publications. Leaflets, booklets, and flyers help visitors remember you long after the show ends. Call Oser Communications Group at (520) 721-1300 for the most beautiful, spot-on colors and designs in your trade show publications.

Which publication type offers the most marketing advantages? Learn the beneficial use of flyers in trade shows.

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