how to network at a trade show

How To Network at a Trade Show Successfully

November 30, 2023

Trade shows provide an excellent opportunity for business owners to meet others in the industry and build professional connections. If this is your first time, you might wonder how to network at a trade show. 

With that in mind, the team at Oser Communications Groups has compiled these tips on networking at trade shows and building professional relationships. 

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Why Networking at Trade Shows Matters

In a sense, all business stems from networking. Networking events allow you to grow your contacts list, share knowledge, build your own brand image, and analyze your competition and market. As such, the primary goal of a trade show isn’t just marketing your products or services but also marketing your business to other businesses. 

Strategies for Networking

Networking can seem intimidating, especially if you attend a trade show for the first time. The good thing is that successful networking is a skill, and, like any skill, you can practice to get better. Let’s review some of our tips on how to network at a trade show. 

Practice Your Business Pitch 

Practice makes perfect, and that includes your business pitch. Many people will likely ask about your business, so make sure you have a pitch prepared and ready to go. You’ll need multiple versions of sales pitches that should include your business message and what makes you unique. Practice your speech beforehand with your team members so you all have a coherent and unified message and prepare some business cards to distribute. 

Think About Who To Speak To

Don’t just show up at a trade show and see where the day takes you. You should have an idea of attendees you want to meet and start a conversation with. You likely won’t be able to meet with all the show attendees, so make a priority list of who you want to speak to the most and focus on them. If you have met previously, you can contact them beforehand and ask to meet up at the show. 

Be Early

“Don’t be late” is obvious advice, but you should be better than “not late”—you should be early. Getting to the show early not only helps you set up your booth smoothly, but you can also start meeting with other attendants before the show kicks off and gets extremely busy. Moreover, arriving early signals to others that you are a professional to take seriously. 

Create a Schedule

You don’t have to have everything mapped out to the minute, but you should have a general schedule for the day. Make sure you mark out time to staff the booth and give all team members time to connect and network.

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