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Pre-trade Show Marketing Tips for a Successful Event

June 30, 2023

Trade shows present a wonderful opportunity for networking. Boosting your business profile at these incredible events requires a plan, however. Learn the right tips for pre-trade show marketing from Oser Communications Group, Tucson’s trade show advertising experts.

Our experts specialize in trade show marketing tactics. Please call us at (521) 721-1300 to learn more about our services. Then, read this guide to learn how to enjoy a successful trade show event.

Plan With Your Sales Team

Your sales team can guarantee an excellent trade show. Think about it: how many customers do your salespeople interact with on a daily basis? Have your team mention the trade show during each call and try to get solid commitments from as many clients as possible. 

Consider offering incentives to encourage visitors. A 15% discount for trade show attendees who purchase your services at the trade show itself can lead to increased booth traffic.

Adopt a Varied Marketing Strategy

Email marketing shines as the gold standard for promoting your business. Fast and effective, a few well-timed emails can provide an outsized effect. Include details about your product or service, along with information pertaining to the trade show, such as booth number, location, and special promotional deals.

Remember to include follow-up emails. Use an automated mailing service to handle your web traffic, as it takes the stress out of keeping in touch with your audience. 

However, email works best alongside other marketing media. Consider mailing physical invitations to your customers and vendors. Write a newsletter that keeps your network up-to-date about your company’s operations and mentions the upcoming event.

Use Social Media and a Website

Social media marketing is a must for modern companies. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, among others, are excellent for reaching customers and vendors. Post consistent, engaging content on a regular schedule in the months and weeks leading up to the event.

Mention your company’s deals and promotional materials and interact with your followers. Once the event starts, switch your programming to coverage of each day’s happenings, and keep up the momentum!

Pre-Show Marketing Tools

Trade show sponsors typically offer pre-trade show marketing ideas and tools for you to use. For example, they can provide you with a list of attendees that you can incorporate into your marketing strategy. The sponsor might also give you unique insights as to how to optimize your booth’s performance.

Time Your Marketing

As stated, a sustained, consistent approach to marketing works best. However, how do you time your marketing?

It’s best to start advertising for an event six months ahead of time. If it’s a smaller show, you may want to start advertising closer to the date: two or three months ahead of time. Gradually ramp up the scale of operations as the date draws closer.

Learn More About Trade Show Marketing

Oser Communications Group can help you optimize your pre-trade show marketing. We can help you avoid common trade show mistakes. Call us today at (521) 721-1300 to work with trade show advertising professionals you can trust.

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