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How Live Arts Can Draw Attention to Your Trade Show Booth

February 28, 2023

Trade shows are one of the best venues for small businesses to show off their products and services and network with like-minded individuals. Part of a successful trade show is having an engaging booth that attracts visitor attention. One effective method to draw attention to your trade show booth is live arts.

Below, our team at Oser Communications Group explores the benefits of live arts for tradeshows. 

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Why Use Live Arts?

The main reason to use live arts at a trade show is to make your booth more memorable. Live art setups can provide a live demonstration of your products and services, giving trade show attendees a favorable first impression of your brand.  

Think about any trade shows you’ve been to recently and which booths captured your attention. Chances are they incorporated some kind of live arts to distinguish themselves from the competition. This kind of audience in the community is great for networking at trade shows and helps people remember your company.

Live Arts Ideas for Trade Shows

Below are some simple yet effective ideas for live arts at your next trade show appearance. 

Product Demonstrations

Product demonstrations are always a good idea, as attendees want to see tangible products and services. Live demonstrations can draw a crowd, as people will want to see what is going on. Moreover, attendees are more likely to remember companies when they see actual products and services, not just promotional materials and infographics. 

Moving Props

Moving props are another good live arts exhibition because they give attendees an active way to interact with your brand. For example, a larger-than-life computer could be a cute idea for a software company or a rotating globe for a cellular company with worldwide networks. The point of these kinds of props is to catch attendees’ attention with motion. 

Putting on a Show

Trade shows are supposed to be SHOWS, so don’t be afraid to put on a performance. You don’t need to have professional dancers at your booth, but something like a live classical music performance with original songs would go down well with the arts community.

The only limitation for trade shows is your imagination. The more creative you are with art music avenues, the more likely attendees will notice your booth. 

Costumes and Decorations

The people manning your booth can also be part of the live arts exhibit. Human decoration concepts can mesh with your brand, such as costumes, outfits, and headwear. Finding original decoration ideas makes your booth stand out from others and provides a level of interactivity to your exhibits. 

Trade Show Advertising

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