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Designing A Virtual Reality Booth for Your Next Trade Show

February 28, 2023

VR has taken the world by storm thanks to its impressive ability to render immersive and engaging real-time experiences. VR tech has found an interesting niche in trade shows and has only become more widespread as the technology has gotten cheaper. Virtual reality environments are a powerful medium for advertising. With that in mind, let’s talk about some virtual reality booth ideas for your next trade show.

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Show Off Wares

One of the best uses of VR is to show off or demonstrate your products. For instance, Volvo hosted a test drive virtual reality experience that showed off the look and feel of driving their latest SUV model. You can use interactive experiences like this to onboard people to your products and convince them to ask for more information. 

Tell Stories

VR is also a powerful technology for telling stories that encapsulate your brand and messaging. The capacity for VR tools to create an alternate virtual environment means you can take booth visitors on a customer journey or teach them about your company’s social impacts. The immersive nature of VR and sensory booths can make brand storytelling more visceral and personal, leaving attendees with a memorable experience. 

Product “Demonstrations”

You can also design a VR product “demonstration” to show visitors what using your products is like or illustrate their pain points. For example, some tool companies have started creating VR apps that simulate what it’s like to use their tools. These kinds of demonstrations are great because you can sell an experience without the actual product hardware. 

Tips for Designing Interactive Experiences

It is essential to appropriately tailor your VR experience to your intended market. VR is merely the medium for your message, not the message itself. Don’t use a VR experience simply for the novelty; the VR element should be a crucial part of how you showcase your brand. Below are some tips on how to craft an engaging virtual reality booth. 

  • Keep things short. Overly long VR stints can bore visitors. Ideally, you want to move through your line of booth visitors quickly and turn them into qualified leads. Keep the interactive exhibit to less than three minutes. 
  • Don’t overcomplicate it. Not everyone is a gamer and is used to VR. Make sure you provide instructions, so visitors know exactly what they have to do. Guidance can be via text or voice narration—whichever fits the virtual environment better. 
  • Make a comfortable environment. Ensure your virtual reality booth environment is suitable for the VR experience. For example, the Volvo VR experience we mentioned earlier would be best when the participant is sitting down. Adjustable headsets and motion controls can help people avoid motion sickness. 

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