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How To Generate Leads at Trade Shows: Three Expert Tips

Brands attend trade shows to interact with leads they can convert. The event is crucial to revitalizing any company’s sales funnel. Therefore, you need to know how to generate leads at trade shows.

You can even turn an existing customer into a lead if you know how to get them interested in a new or additional product or service. This ability demonstrates an understanding of your trade show marketing budget. If you want to know how to generate leads at trade shows, follow these three expert tips.

Trade Show Lead Generation

Before revealing the tips on how to generate leads at trade shows, remember to strategize in advance. Last-minute scrambling yields sloppy results. Now, follow these tips for trade show lead capture.

1. Make Your Booth a Contact Hub

Your booth should inspire contact sharing. To drum up interest, try creating a survey about your products. You could also hold a raffle that motivates people to leave their contact info.

You can convince people to participate with the following trade show booth strategies:

  • A design that reflects your brand purpose and voice
  • Technology that makes your booth easy to use for your team and visitors
  • Water bottles and snacks along with brand freebies

Your booth offers a lot of possibilities, so the sooner you brainstorm, the better.

2. Create Exhibits and Demos

Exhibits and demos allow the trade show crowd to interact with your products and services on a more personal level. You can ask people in the crowd to fill out a questionnaire about the exhibit or demo, which is another way to get their contact details.

However, before you do this, find out:

  • How much space you have to work in
  • How many power outlets you need, and how many are near your booth
  • How the lighting looks at certain times of day

You need to know these things because if you arrive and find out your exhibit or demo doesn’t work in the space, your marketing promo about the event will be the talk of the trade show for all the wrong reasons.

3. Make the Most of Trade Show Marketing

Generating leads at trade shows requires that people know you’re going to be at the trade show. This means you need to learn about maximizing trade leads with the right advertising and marketing. For instance, you should:

  • Keep your social media followers informed with pre-trade show posts.
  • Create an email campaign around the event.
  • Update your blog with trade show information.
  • Advertise on the trade show website.
  • Post reels of the event.

When you invest in these tips, maximizing trade show leads becomes an attainable goal, making your trade show representation a success.

Learn More Trade Show Tips

Any brand should learn more about how to generate leads at trade shows. Trade shows help you gain brand awareness, something all brands want. Oser Communications Group knows how to do this by assuring you connect with the right audience.

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