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11 Most Popular Trade Show Freebies

With the advent of social media and the internet, developing savvy marketing strategies for your business has never been urgent. However, the traditional methods still have merit. Trade shows present an excellent opportunity to connect with potential customers.

While a flyer might serve as effective trade show advertising, getting potential customers excited is about more than just information. Trade show freebies provide one of the best ways to bring customers to you and help them remember your business. Knowing the best handouts and strategies can help you leverage this advertising tool.

Strategies for Generating Traffic with Freebies

While you might think that handing out free merchandise is enough to attract new customers, there is more nuance to a well-executed trade show giveaway. Differentiate what you hand out to get trade show attendees excited about a surprise. You can also pepper in a more expensive promotional item to provide a sense of allure.

Furthermore, include promotions like coupons and discounts to keep potential customers engaged after the trade show. With these strategies, other trade show booths will wonder why everyone flocks to your area.

The 11 Most Popular Trade Show Freebies

Here are the 11 most popular trade show giveaways to help you attract new customers.

  • Pencils and pens: As some of the most traditional giveaway items at trade shows, pencils and pens are staples for any booth. Potential customers can use these items daily, giving your brand plenty of attention.
  • Hand sanitizers/breath mints/lip balm: In our health-conscious world, these personal care products are a win at any trade show.
  • Stress ball: Who doesn’t love to squeeze a stress ball when the day isn’t going well? Handing out stress balls is one of the best and cheapest freebies you can provide at a trade show.
  • Higher-cost or tech items like portable chargers: High-tech giveaways like portable chargers and USB bricks are homerun trade show giveaway products. 
  • Reusable water bottle: With increasing environmental concerns, reusable water bottles are popular with trade show attendees and demonstrate corporate social responsibility.
  • Reusable straws: In the same vein as reusable water bottles, reusable straws are another sustainable giveaway item. Give them away with the water bottles for a complete package.
  • Luggage tags: Potential customers will never forget your business with these stylish and valuable freebies. For travel-related companies, these giveaways are especially a hit.
  • Sunglasses or hats: Potential customers preferring a more stylish freebie will love trendy sunglasses or hats from your business.
  • Tote bags: Perfect for grocery shopping or everyday use, these giveaways are highly practical for patrons.
  • Coffee mugs: No one will forget your company while drinking out of their new coffee mug.
  • Mobile phone credit card holder: Credit card holders for mobile phones are particularly popular with younger people.

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do flyers still work

Do Flyers Still Work for Trade Shows?

Many business owners are forsaking traditional advertising methods in an increasingly digitized world. Since digital marketing and ads on social media comprise the majority of marketing efforts these days, many wonder, “Do flyers still work?”

Whether you’re hoping to improve your advertising in trade shows or conduct mass marketing efforts in your area, data suggests that an effective flyer still has merit. Learn how flyers might be an ideal advertising strategy for your business.

What Is a Flyer?

You may not realize that there are different types of flyers. Some flyers are more effective for particular environments, like trade shows.

Door drops: These flyers don’t target a person or household. Instead, they are mass-produced, eye-catching pieces that quickly inform potential customers about the business. 

Addressed mail: Addressed mail flyers feel more individualized since they target a specific individual. These flyers might contain more extensive information about products or services.

Handouts: Handouts are the flyer you might expect to see at a trade show. A good handout is a piece of paper usually designed with bold colors and the most information possible. 

Are Flyers Worth It? Statistics and Data

Despite understanding different flyers, you still might question, “Do flyers still work?” According to data from the Data and Marketing Association, leaflets still successfully reach their target audience. Check out the data below detailing the success of addressed mail and door drop flyers.

Addressed Mail:

  • 57% of people open flyers immediately when they arrive at their home
  • 8% of people open or read leaflets within 28 days
  • 5% read or look at it thoroughly, while 23% will do so within 28 days
  • On average, potential customers revisit flyers six times

Door Drops:

  • 5% of potential customers read a door drop the moment they receive it
  • 16% set these flyers aside to read later

This data seems surprising since many expect social media to have the best results. However, short attention spans and frustration with targeted marketing might deter people from engaging with social media and online ads. However, social media is still an essential part of effective marketing.

Who Can Use Flyers?

Any business can benefit from using flyers, especially at trade shows filled with potential customers. Hairdressers, coffee shops, retail stores, landscapers, and virtually any other company can benefit from using flyers.

Benefits of Using Flyers

While it’s clear that data supports the efficacy of flyers, what are some of their other benefits? First, flyers are one of the cheaper forms of marketing since they only require printing.

Beyond price, though, flyers have other considerable benefits. Adding a QR code or URL can help bridge the gap between digital and paper marketing. Furthermore, coupons and other promotions can increase first-time customers and make flyers more attractive at events like trade shows.

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Three Important Elements of Trade Show Booth Design

Trade show booth designs are more important than you might think. A well-constructed and inviting booth can drive more people towards your brand, putting more eyes on your products while creating hundreds of new potential customers. However, creating an alluring trade show booth is often easier said than done.

That’s why the experts at Oser Communication Group constructed a guide to teach you how to create an enticing trade show booth design to take your company to extraordinary new heights.

Oser Communications Group is an industry-leading trade show advertising company. We understand the market and how captivating trade show displays can positively affect your business. If you want to get the most out of your trade show experience while growing your audience, contact Oser Communications Group for effective trade show marketing strategies and associated services.

How to Create an Efficient Trade Show Booth Design

1. Create an Enchanting Color Scheme

Colors help set the mood of your entire booth. Developing an appealing color scheme that correlates with your products or services will attract attendees and establish a specific atmosphere. You can utilize bright, vibrant colors to create a lively environment or set up softer colors to promote a relaxing setting.

However, you don’t want to develop a color scheme that doesn’t represent your product or services accurately. For example, if your booth displays innovative workout equipment, you want to incorporate energetic colors like bright red or neon green into your exhibition instead of dull browns or grays. Having an inviting color scheme that meshes with your products is one of the best ways to enhance your trade show experience.

2. Utilize Lighting

Like color schemes, engaging lighting can help you attract more customers and draw attention to your brand. They can help your booth stand out on the trade show floor while helping you establish a specific tone that represents your goods and services. An illuminating light display highlighting your products can do wonders for any trade show booth design, helping your business thrive through the entire showcase.

3. Have a Demonstration Area

Showing your products in action is a great way to increase engagement and attendee interest. Setting up a place for patrons to test your products or see professional demonstrations will generate excitement and show what your goods have to offer.

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what are trade shows

What Are Trade Shows and How Will My Business Benefit from Them?

Trade shows are a perfect place for company representatives to promote their brand and show off upcoming products. They act as an exhibition for companies and allow businesses to interact with potential customers and form relationships with their target audience. However, in today’s fast-paced digital world, many people find themselves asking, “What are trade shows, and how do they affect my business?”

That’s why Oser Communications Group put together a guide to teach you about trade shows and how they can benefit your up-and-coming business.

Oser Communication Group has been a trade show advertising frontrunner for over 50 years. Our team can help drive more customers through your business’s doors through effective trade show advertising and publications. If you need a reliable trade show advertising service to help grow your enterprise, contact Oser Communications Group.

What Are Trade Shows?

Trade shows act as an exhibition for companies, allowing them to promote their products or services to professionals and customers alike. They help generate hype around upcoming products and enable business owners to make essential connections with other entrepreneurs as well as their audience. The trade show experience is unlike any other and can help your company reach its full potential.

Trade Show Benefits

Face-to-Face Interactions

Face-to-face interactions are more meaningful and effective than digital conversations and advertisements. It leaves a more significant impact on potential customers and allows company representatives to show a genuine passion for their products.

In addition, talking to people and shaking their hands builds trust with potential buyers and leaves them with a fantastic impression that might persuade them to buy your products or services. Trade show floor interactions are incredibly effective and can take your small business to new heights.

Explore the Competition

Large trade shows bring hundreds of companies together to exhibit their products to potential buyers. However, they also allow business representatives to check out their rivals and see how they measure against the competition.

Knowing your competitor’s sales approach or business strategy can give you a leg up against the competition. You’ll know what to expect from your rivals and how to counteract them when necessary. You can also see what tactics work for other companies, enabling you to create similar marketing strategies that could aid your enterprise.

Create Bonds with Other Companies

When someone asks, “What are trade shows?” many people describe them as large commercial advertising events. However, they also help companies form bonds with other businesses, allowing them to create partnerships and collaborations. It’s a great way to meet business partners that can take your company to the next level.

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common trade show mistakes

Five Common Trade Show Mistakes That You Should Never Commit

Trade shows are an excellent way for businesses to get exposure but carry their own unique challenges and costs. A successful trade show requires careful planning and time, and getting something wrong is easy if you don’t have experience. 

Oser Communications Group will share some of the most common trade show mistakes you can make. 

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1. Picking the Wrong Trade Show

One of the most common mistakes is picking the wrong trade show to present at. Nearly every industry has at least one trade show, often multiple shows yearly. You need to determine which show would give your business the most exposure. 

Ask yourself a few questions to decide which show would be best. 

  • Do I need a consumer (B2C) or industry (B2B) trade show?
  • What kind of product or service do I want to show?
  • How many attendees does each show get?
  • How much does it cost to rent booth space?
  • What kind of reputation does the show have?

Unfortunately, many business owners get off the wrong foot by choosing the wrong trade show, so think carefully about your needs and goals. 

2. Overshooting Your Budget

You can expect to spend about one-third of your budget on booth space, but you also need to factor in costs for stands, staff, services, promotional materials, and transportation and logistics. Depending on the venue, you may also have to pay for internet or utilities, so ensure you have a detailed pre-show budget plan.  

3. No Storage Space

You should have enough storage space to keep your booth clean and clutter-free. A simple set-up like a trestle table with a tablecloth provides extra storage for cheap. You can also opt for other solutions like cabinets in your exhibition or storage buckets. 

4. Not Performing Marketing

Another one of the most common trade show mistakes is neglecting marketing. The event host ensures you have space, but they won’t advertise for you. It’s your responsibility to market your presence before the show to get people to come to your booth. You cannot just hope that people who attend the show will randomly flock to your booth. 

In addition, you should start promoting the show a few months beforehand. A trade show advertising company like Oser Communication Group can spread your message to your intended audience through materials like ads, business cards, and more.

5. Not Following Up Leads

Once you pack up your booth, the first thing to do is start following up on leads. Trade shows are great for qualified leads; following up is how you turn those leads into paying customers. 

Trade Show Advertising Services

Trade show success can be the first step to business success, as long as you avoid these common trade show mistakes. If you would like to learn more about our technology trade show publications or want to schedule a consultation, contact us online or call today at (520) 721-1300!

trade show booth ideas

Six Trade Show Booth Ideas to Make Sure Your Booth Stands Out

You can participate in effective trade show advertising through these excellent trade show booth ideas. Make your trade show event a success by intriguing customers in your product or business, standing apart from other booths, and offering something people will remember with positive feelings.

1. Draw Potential Customers with Bright Colors.

One of the best trade show booth ideas is making it fun, fabulous, and eye-catching. You can do this by:

  • Having more high-quality pictures than words, using what little words you have to deliver a specific message.
  • Using bright and fun colors, but beware of a color scheme that clashes or is “too busy” to be enjoyable. A helpful method is to have a primary, secondary, and accent color that seems fitting to put them together and flows well.
  • Placing a small rug to bring people to your booth.

2. Craft Your Booth to be Exciting and Approachable.

You want your booth to stand out on the trade show floor and people to feel comfortable enough to come to see what it is all about. Ways to do this are:

  • Having a friendly greeter
  • Having someone operate the booth at all times
  • Not blocking access to the booth with chairs

3. Avoid Clutter with Some Necessary Whitespace.

A blank or empty booth is not going to show what product you are advertising nor convey who your brand is. On the other hand, a booth filled with papers, objects, pens, and everything else can be an eye-sore and way too cluttered for people to interact with.

One of the best trade show booth ideas is to find a happy medium and strategically use whitespace.

4. Work in the Intended Emotion for Your Customers.

Your trade show booth design should work with an emotion in mind, so what feeling do you want to convey through your booth? Use sight, smell, taste, and touch to center an emotion.

5. Make Simple and Clear Instructions for Interaction.

Unclear instructions or confusing ones are a sure way to draw people away from your booth, which is the opposite of your goal. Visually-appealing signs or posters with a clear message can help maximize interactions.

6. Offer Free Samples for Guests.

Everyone loves free samples, and many people will visit booths and events or engage in activities to get a prize after. It may sound insignificant, but having trinkets with your branding and social media handles on them is a fun way to interact. You might be surprised at the number of booth visitors you get!

Oser Communications Group for Trade Show Advertising

We hope we helped you with some trade show booth ideas to make your next appearance a success. Oser Communications Group has worked with many trade show publications and looks forward to helping you. Learn more about our trade show food publications and contact us today for more information. 

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