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How to Use Promotional Products Effectively in a Trade Show

If you want your business’s trade show to be a success, you have to include promotional items as part of your marketing strategy. Promotional items and giveaways will boost your brand visibility, improve your brand reputation, and entice more event attendees to check out your booth. Knowing how to use promotional products effectively in an environment where giveaways are expected is key. 

Our team at Oser Communication Group can help make your trade show goals a reality. Here, we discuss some of the best ways to incorporate promotional items with your trade show exhibition. Call us at (520) 721-1300 if you need more help with promotional trade show marketing. 

Branded Giveaways for Booth Visitors

Though you can give just anything away at a trade show, you should have some branded materials for your business available to give to booth visitors. Branded giveaways are especially useful if you want to improve your brand awareness. 

People tend to retain promo items for up to two years and recall where they came from. The more people who get your items, the more attention you’ll get from a broader audience. 

When choosing items for promotional giveaways, make sure the goods are practical, of good quality, and prominently feature your brand. You want people to use the items, not leave them forgotten in a drawer. Examples include:

  • Drawstring bags
  • Pens or pencils
  • Power banks
  • USB drives
  • Keychains

Goody Bags with Informational Packets

Knowing how to use promotional products effectively for your trade show booth means thinking out of the box. Goody bags are a more robust take on the branded giveaway idea. They can leave a lasting impression on trade show attendees.

Simply create a comprehensive gift package with the following:

  • An information packet about your business featuring your name, contact information, and details about your products or services
  • A branded swag bad with your logo
  • A collection of useful promotional items to include in the branded bag

Customized Apparel as Promotional Merchandise

Customized apparel as a trade show marketing strategy can work in two ways. First, you and your team can wear matching hats, t-shirts, or lanyards with your company’s branding to make a cohesive statement about your business. Second, you can make wearable items like shirts, rubber bracelets, and hoodies to give away to booth visitors. 

In either case, people become walking advertisements for your brand.

Social Media Contests with Giveaways

You can blend social media and a trade show exhibition to create more brand visibility. Consider running a giveaway contest on your social media platforms where participants have to photograph themselves holding or using your promotional products. The winner can win a bigger prize. 

Take Charge of Your Trade Show Booth with Help From Oser Communication Group

We at Oser Communication Group know how to use promotional products effectively for businesses in any industry. As one of the best trade show advertising experts based in Tucson, Arizona, our team can help you create more brand awareness and explore unique trade show booth ideas. We’re ready to take your event marketing to the next level—call (520) 721-1300 today for a consultation with us. 

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