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3 Trade Show Invitation Templates You Need

Presenting new products and equipment at trade shows can be overwhelming yet rewarding if you have lots of booth traffic. You could leave your exhibition up to chance and hope it garners the attention of event attendees organically. However, knowing how to create the perfect trade show invitation can make the work you put into organizing your exhibition worthwhile. 

In the post below, Oser Communications Group shares the three trade show invitation templates that all businesses should know. As a respected leader in trade show advertising, our team knows the best way to draft trade show press releases and invitations. Call us at (520) 721-1300 if you have further questions.

Basic Trade Show Invitation

A generalized trade show invitation template is a must-have for exhibitors. These templates are great to send to current customers, vendors, clients, and others whom you already have a working relationship with. 

These are the important details to include in this kind of invitation:

  • A simple yet eye-catching subject line with the event name and month
  • A warm opening
  • A concise explanation of the event with relevant details like the name of a keynote speaker, the event organizer’s name, and your booth number and location

Be sure to maintain an excited tone in the email. Finish it with a call to action like “Come see us!”

Product Demonstration Invitation

If you want to hold a product demonstration at a trade show with approved materials, you likely want an audience of people who can benefit the most from it. It’s best to have some kind of working relationship with the email invitation recipient. That way, the recipient won’t consider the email as spam. 

When drafting the trade show invitation for a product demo, ensure you include essential information about the product. This can help them determine if they want to spend time at your booth. 

Essential details to have in the invitation include:

  • A catchy headline showcasing a live launch of a new product with the event name and date
  • Details about your demo including date, time, and booth number
  • A brief product introduction
  • At least three benefits of the product

Introduction of Your Trade Show Crew

To help build rapport with event attendees, you can send them a team introduction instead of a general trade show invitation. To draft the email, include the following:

  • A short explanation stating that your company is participating in the trade show
  • Information about the show, like the date and event name
  • A list of professionals the email recipient can expect to meet at your booth as well as their job titles and contact information

Make the Most of Your Trade Show Marketing 

If you need help drafting the perfect trade show invitations, let Oser Communications Group in Tucson, Arizona, provide all the help you need. As a top choice in trade show advertising and marketing, we stay on top of current trends and the future of trade shows. We have more than 50 years of experience as a leader in trade journals, periodicals, and more that cover numerous industries. 

Call (520) 721-1300 for a consultation with our Oser Communications Group professionals.

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